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Tamworth hogs are one of the oldest domesticated breeds of pigs in the world.

The breed originated in the United Kingdom hundreds of years ago in Tamworth, Staffordshire England. Over the centuries, Tamworths have been bred and selected to be well suited to an active, outdoor life. Their great hardiness enables them to adapt to the wide variations in Georgia’s weather. They have long heads and impressive snouts for efficient foraging. They do not sunburn like other pigs because of their red color, which ranges from pale ginger to dark mahogany. Tamworths are athletic, intelligent, docile, sociable, and enjoy interacting with humans. Because many of these characteristics are not valued in modern agricultural production, Tamworth hogs are quite rare today.

The Livestock Conservancy currently assigns the status of “Threatened” to the Tamworth hog breed on its Conservation Priority List. As the popularity of Tamworth pork grows, our eaters ensure the survival of this culinary treasure for the future of humanity’s collective food system.

Tamworths are a bacon type of heritage hog and are well known for their long sides, big hams, and firm, muscular bodies.

Their meat and bacon is lean and fine grained. At White Sulphur Farm, we farrow twice a year, which means our hogs are available for purchase at various times throughout the year.

My Tamworth breeding stock are registered with the Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs The sows farrow in large stalls where the piglets will be warm, dry and safe during the first few days of life, and also where I can safely handle them, they are then turned out to have access to outdoors. I prefer to wean piglets at 7 weeks of age but it may vary between 6-8 weeks. I believe leaving the piglets on the sow for several weeks results in healthier, more robust pigs! Piglets are available mostly year round but are limited and a very few select piglets are available as registered breeding stock while the majority are sold for meat. Deposits are taken after piglets are born.
Pigs that stay here to be raised for pork live outdoors and graze on pasture. They are primarily fed a locally sourced pea and barley based ground grain or standard pellets,  seasonal fruit and veggies, milk and they enjoy alfalfa and grass hay. I feed and breed for flavorful pork that can’t be compared to the store bought “other white meat”.


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