Middle White Pigs For Sale

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    Middle White Pigs for sale

    Middle White Pig are native to the United Kingdom. They originated in Yorkshire around the same time as the Large White. Their name comes from the fact that they are between the size of the Large White and the now-extinct Small White.

    Middle White Pigs were fully recognized as a breed in 1884. The breed is known as a pork producer (rather thanbacon or lardtype pigs), and are best known for having sharply upturned snub noses. They are docile and often kept outdoors in grazing situations. Though their numbers have rebounded somewhat, they are currently listed as endangered.

    They are a medium sized breed with a stocky build but more compact than many pig breeds. Sows weigh around 200kg and boars around 280kg.

    It is a hardy pig but does require more shelter than some breeds and can struggle in extreme heat or extreme cold.

    With people increasingly interested in quality meat the Middle White has enjoyed something of a resurgence and Middle White pork again commands an enviable reputation.

    The Middle White pigs are pretty hardy animals. They are found scattered over England today. And generally bred straight in England and have not captured much of a share of the commercial pig market.

    But today their popularity has declined greatly. They have been successfully incorporated into commercial pig farming business, when crossed with the Large White pigs.

    The sows are excellent mothers and care for their babies very well. They are usually quiet in nature and have very good temperament.

    Despite medium size of the breed, the sows have been found to produce and rear an average of up to 8 piglets per litter. However, review full breed profile of the Middle White pig in the following chart.

    average reach around 61.8 kg within their 17 weeks of age

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