Katahdin sheep For Sale


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Katahdin sheep For Sale

The Katahdin Sheep is a domestic breed developed in Maine in the United States and named after the highest peak in Maine, Mount Katahdin. The breed was developed in the mid-1950s by crossing imported St. Croix Sheep and several other breeds, including the Suffolk Sheep. They are raised predominantly as meat animals in the U.S. and have become enormously popular in recent years due to high shearing costs and low wool prices. Katahdin Sheep are unique in that they do not have woolen coats, but hair instead, and they naturally shed their winter coats, making them far less maintenance than woolen sheep breeds

Katahdins are medium to large sheep and are highly adaptable, hardy, and low-maintenance animals that are a great point of entry for small-time sheep farmers. They were developed from both Caribbean and British breeds and can tolerate a wide range of climates. In winter, they grow thick coats to keep them warm, which they then shed in summer. They are also highly tolerant of both internal and external parasites and only require minimal parasite treatment if well looked after. They are docile and friendly animals that are easy to handle and are a great species to have on a small homestead.

While Katahdin Sheep are most commonly white, they can also be found in solid or variations of brown, black, and red and more rarely, almost any color combination. They are hair sheep and thus have the ease of not needing to be sheared annually like other sheep breeds. They simply shed their coat naturally in the summer months.

Katahdins are medium-sized sheep, and rams (males) typically weigh 180-250 pounds, while ewes (females) weigh around 125-185 pounds.

Our animals are well-bred champions, free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly vet check by our qualified surgeons. We also have, Boer goats, Damascus goats, Saanen goats, Alpine goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Kalahari Red goats

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