Hampshire Pigs For Sale

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Hampshire pigs for sale

The Hampshire pig is recognized easily by the wide white belt that continues down the front legs on a black hog. The Hampshire pig is the fourth most recorded breed in registries, and a common hog found in many pig farm operations.

Early history of the Hampshire pig tells of a man named McKay importing stock from Scotland and Northumberland areas of England between 1825 and 1835. The breed derives directly from the Old English breed of pigs. Once imported to the United States, the breed was largely developed in Kentucky. Often referred to as McKay hogs in the early days, Hampshires have also been called, Thin Rind, Ring Middle, and Saddlebacks. The distinctive white band around the middle extends down the front legs. In 1907, a new breed organization for the pig breed named them the American Hampshire. History tells us that Smithfield Hams would only purchase American Hampshire pigs in the early days.

Hampshire pigs are large in size. Early on, the large size was a bit of a problem for the pig farmers. Most pigs were butchered at 125 pounds. The Hampshire pig would reach this weight before the other breeds and too early for butchering. Later, this trait of large, fast growth would lead to the popularity of the breed.  The strong, steady growth is not as fast as crossbreeds but is faster than the Yorkshire pig breed growth. The fast growth and hardiness helped the breed become a long-standing favorite.

Physical Traits of the Hampshire Pig

The large, heavily muscled carcass of the Hampshire pig breed is only part of the list of good pig qualities. The carcass is also thin-skinned and lean. Temperament wise, the breed is fairly even and good-tempered, although the boars can become aggressive later in life.  Hampshire boars are often used in crossbreeding programs to add the lean quality to the meat.

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