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Damascus GoatS For Sale

When the Damascus goat is born, they have really long ears that have an outward twist like they have flicked them out. They have fluffy coats are usually two-toned with various shades of a reddish brown and blond.

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They have the saddest eyes though and make you want to give them a hug. Which with their loving, even temperaments they will probably enjoy as they do like getting attention! There is a strange twist to these goats though when they are fully grown, they go from being the cutest goat to what has been called “The Monster” goat.
They are spritely, friendly, inquisitive and a lot of fun.

Damascus Goat Quick Profile Overview

The Damascus goat is an even tempered goat that lover human attention making them great pets that deliver delicious milk
Country of Origin: India
Other Names: Shami, Baladi, Aleppo, Halep. Damascene or Chami
Breed Size: Large
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Main Purpose: Milk
Can be used for Breeding, Meat, Milk, Pets
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Temperament: They are quite obedient, friendly and calm
Good with Kids? They are good around supervised children if the goat has been raised since young
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Ideal Environment: They are quite happy in a medium to large sized pasture that has a lot of fresh grazing and leafy trees. Although they are not the best forages because of their undershot jaws.
Ideal Climate: All Climates
Conservation Status: Not Listed by the *ALC
Status Common
Health Issues? No known health issues they are a very hardy breed of goat
Good Starter Goat? Yes, they make a really good starter good
Goat Associations: No known associations
Goat Clubs: No known goat breeders’ clubs
Note: *ALC stands for American Livestock Conservancy


When they are young, they are quite pretty little things but as they grow, they have a snub nose and an undershot jaw. They are known as the Bulldogs of the goat breeds because their jaws are quite similar in structure to that of the Bulldogs.
Color(s): They are usually a reddish brown, but there are quite a few color variations including a silver-white, white, fawn and grey
Both sexes exhibit the same colors
Goat⇒ Doe buck
Breed Weight: 132 lbs. 198 lbs.
Breed Height: 198 lbs. About 80 cm at withers
Hair: Medium to long hair Medium to long hair
Ears: They are very long and droop down from the head The ears are the same length and style as the females. Although they are usually cropped on the show goats
Horns: Long, thick and curve back from the head Slightly longer and thicker than the does but are similar in shape to the does horns.
Matures at age: 5 to 10 months 3 to 10 months
Puberty Age: 5 to 10 months 5 to 10 months
Breeding Age: 18 months 1 year
Breeding Traits: 1 Breeding cycle Cover 20 to 30 does in 1 season


They only breed once a year around the spring time
Breeding Period/cycle: Up to 36 hours
Ave. 21 days/18 to 24 days
Gestation Period: 155 days
Kids: 3 to 4 kids
Good Mothers? Yes they will wean their kids
Lactation Period: 240 days
Milking From: 4 to 6 weeks after kidding
Milk Quality: Good, Their milk is highly prized for various gourmet cheeses/td>
Milking Level: Normal, They are not hard to milk as their udders are well positioned
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They have been known to be used in fiber production
Fiber Production? Good
Type of Fiber Produced: Cashmere
Age they Produce from: From 1 year
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Some good to known information and comments about the Damascus Goat breed
Where to buy them: They are not readily available in the USA.
Agility: They are quite agile for their size
Interact with other animals: They are social animals that will graze and mingle with other animals


These goats have a conformation show called “The Most Beautiful Goat Contest” which is held in Amman, Jordon. There is not much information available about the show but the goal of it is to find the best goat with the characteristics of the breed. These mainly being the goat’s undershot jaw and snub-nose.

There is Arabic literature that mentions these goats and celebrates their noble physical characteristics.


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