Dairy Shorthorn Cattle FOR SALE


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Dairy Shorthorn Cattle FOR SALE

Dairy Shorthorn Cattle breed were initially developed as a dual-purpose breed that was used for both dairy and meat. But some cattle proved to have better milk qualities and others had better meat qualities. Over the course of time, these breeds developed into two separate Shorthorn cattle types the Beef Shorthorn or the Dairy/Milking shorthorn.


The Dairy Shorthorn Cattle have a medium to large frame with the usual block type well-developed cow physique and the bulls a bit stockier more muscular and a bit rounded. Shorthorns have a small to medium sized rectangular head with a slightly upturned snout. They have medium to long sturdy legs.
Size: Medium to large
Breed Color: Red, roan or white Red, roan or white
Breed Weight: 550 to 650 kgs 800 to 1000 kgs
Breed Height: Unclear Unclear
Horns: Short thick horns, some are polled or dehorned young Short thick horns, some are polled or dehorned young
Temperament: Docile alert but easy to handle Docile, calm and easy to handle. But bulls can get aggressive and temperamental so it is advisable to always handle them with caution.
Matures at age: 6 to 8 months or 9 + months 6 to 8 months or 9 + months
Puberty Age: 6 to 15 months 9 to 1o months
Breeding Age: 13 to 15 months 1 year
Breeding Traits: See Cow breeding & Milking Info Cover 25 to 30 Cows in 1 season


Most Cattle produce milk but not all of them are used in the dairy Cattle capacity for their milk. Cows only calve once a year and should have 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. The Dairy Shorthorn Cattle have been known for the good quality and healthy yields of milk. They play a significant part in the history of dairy cattle breeds. They are fertile, long-lived and the cows will produce healthy calves up to the ages of 16 to 17 years old.
Breeding Period/cycle: Usually lasts 6 to 24 hours
Most ave. 12 to 16 hours
Cows usually come on heat every 21 days.
Estrous cycle: Ave. 17 days to 24 days
Heifer – usually ave. 20 days
Cows – usually ave. 21 days
Gestation Period: Usually, around 279 to 287 days but most gestation is 283 days. Cows that are carrying bull calf’s their gestation period is usually a little longer than cows that are carrying heifer calves.
No. Calves/Litter: 1 calf at a time. Cows rarely have twins or triplets, but it can happen
Lactation Period: Cows lactation period can last for up to about 10 months (305) days.
Milking From: 1 to 6 weeks after Calving
Drying off Period: The cow should have a 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. Drying off period for around 60 days before she can calve again.
Milk Quality: Good, Butterfat = 3.8%, Protein = 3.3%
Quantity: 5500 kgs Per: Lactation period
Milk Ideal for: Calves, drinking, cheese, and most other dairy products


Dairy Shorthorn Cattle produce an excellent quality of beef they are well known for their efficient feed conversion to weight gain which is well suited to low-input systems. The beef has a carcass yield of about 60.5% and the nice marbling of the meat makes for tender, succulent and flavorsome beef cuts. It also helps that the calves mature relatively early and they have a good proportion of meat to bone ration that more than meets today’s consumer’s high demands.
Meat Production? Yes, Quality: V Good
Ave. Maturity Age: 6 to 8 months 9 months up to 4 years


Most meat Cattle will have a skin by-product, and these are usually used in some form or just as a hide. Whilst not specially bred for their skin and because they are a listed breed with mostly a critical listing status at both the ALC and RBST any skin production from the Shorthorn breed is probably very well monitored. That is not to say that their hides are not used for leather production because they do still produce beef in a controlled environment.
Skin Production? N/A
Skin is used to Produce: Calf/cow skin leather products such as shoes, car seats, fine leather coats, gloves, handbags, belts, furniture, rugs, etc.
Age they Produce from: 6 to 8 months for Calf skin 1 to 2 years old for Normal leather


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