American Landrace Pigs for sale

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American Landrace Pigs for sale

The various strains of American Landrace Pig swine are the descendants of the famous Danish Landrace hogs that were developed in Denmark in the 1890s. It resulted from crossing the Large White hog from England with the native swine. Largely through the use of the Landrace Denmark became a great bacon-exporting country.

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Another well-known characteristic of this breed is its ability to cross well with other breeds.
They have a very high carcass weight in their hams and loins, which is why they are bred for pork production.

American Landrace Pig sows are also known for growing big litters of more than 10 piglets and being heavy milkers.

In the early 1930s the United States Department of Agriculture entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark for the purchase of 24 Danish Landrace. This stock was to be used for swine research studies with the stipulation that this breed would not be propagated as a pure breed for commercial use. The foundation stock of the American Landrace Pig were those hogs that were bred pure or that carried a small infusion (one-sixteenth to one-sixty-fourth) of Poland China blood. Thirty eight head of boars and gilts were imported from Norway that carried Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish Landrace blood. Their blood was blended into the American Landrace Pig and helped give a broader genetic base to the breed.

For 15 years the Landrace were used in numerous comparisons with American breeds. As a result of this work, four new breeds were registered by the Inbred Livestock Registry Association.

In May of 1949, the USDA petitioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to release its restrictions on the propagation of purebred Landrace in the United States. This request was granted, and the American Landrace Association was formed in 1950 to register and promote the sale of purebred breeding stock.

American Landrace pigs must be white and dark, skin spots are considered undesirable. A few freckles on their skin is allowed but black hairs are not. Black Spotted pigs are not eligible for registration.

American Landrace Pig sows are prolific and good mothers, and generally have plenty of milk; however, studies have shown that they reach their top milk production after five weeks of lactation which is later than other breeds compared.

American Landrace Pig, which are noted for their ability to farrow, cross well with other breed, and raise large litters, are the fifth most recorded breed of swine in the United States.

Our animals are well-bred champions, free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly vet check by our qualified surgeons

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